Want to bring an Elam Ending Event to your city or venue? Shoot us an email. It’s a great fundraising opportunity for you or your organization.

What we will do:

We will do all game schedules. We will bring Target score billboards for each court and personnel to update them during your event.

What you will do:

  1. Reserve enough court space for the teams playing in your event.
  2. Hire officials for each game.
  3. Organize staff to take admissions at the door, sell T-shirt’s and run concession.
  4. Purchase awards.

What is the cost to hire Elam Ending Events staff? We get $50 from every team entry fee. We suggest you charge teams $250 per tournament so you will get $200 per team. Your organization also gets 100% of the door money, concession money and T-shirt sales. This is a unique opportunity for your program and so easy to do.

Contact us ASAP to lock in your weekend of choice!